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Product Range


We have great pleasures to inform you that the following Bending jobs are under taken by us.

1) Swimming Pool Pipe Bending.
2) Round Staircare plate & Pipe Bending.
3) Plate Cutting & Rolling, plate Bending.
4) All Types of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper Pipe Bending.
5) Cable Tray Junction Boxs, Galvanized & Powder coated.
6) Wall Corner Safety Guards of all types of metals with Rubber molded.
7) Glass Bending Template (Farma)
8 ) Aluminium Composite Panel Bending.

Special Machine developed by us for 10'- 0 long sheet Bending.

Following types of bending is done by us.
Half Round, Radious, Curve on Euro Bond, Alu Bond, Alu 'K' Bond, Hyda, Alstrong, Alcopla 10 Aluminium Pipe Bending.